Bella Calabria!

As Forest Gamp used to say, “life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get.” Well, what I got, it was opportunity of unexpected trip to the south of Italy. I flew to Lamezia Terme at the very bottom of the Italian shoe and I spent two unforgettable weeks in my beloved Italy. So in the near future my blog will definitely be non-piemontese, but rather meridionale 🙂

Calabria, Italy
luckily there are still some wild beaches

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Shopping in Turin

Shopping in Turin? Why not? Most of people prefer to fly to Milan, so maybe it’s worth to stand out and not only do some shopping but also visit beautiful baroque city on the map of northern Italy. I admit – I love shopping: looking for new clothes, shoes, jewellery and first of all bags, which are my weakness, especially Italian ones… and these one you will find plenty in Turin. That’s why I used to do shopping in Turin, discover new shops, walk in the city center, admire always beautifully decorated windows shop and enjoy atmosphere of the big Italian city. Doing shopping is always a big pleasure, but if we add to that unpretentious and elegant place, where everybody despite of annual income can do fantastic shopping we get a perfect match. So let’s go!

braccialini bags
one of my favourite handbags brand – Braccialini bags

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Palas Cerequio

I think there is no better place to plan spring holidays then Piemonte. It’s still not too hot, but the temperature is usually already nice to spend time outside visiting small towns, Turin and wineries in the Langhe and Roero region.It’s a time of welcoming new vintages and the owners of vineyards are not so busy like in autumn, so they can dedicate you more time to showing their properties and presenting their wines. At the end of April and at the beginning of May there is Vinum event in Alba that helps even better taste in one place all great wines from Langhe and Roero.

Langhe and Roero hills view, Piedmont, Italy
Langhe and Roero hills view

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Easter in Italy

How is it with Easter in Italy? In theory it’s a very important holiday, but  in reality it is not so much celebrated anymore. In my opinion Italian saying: Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi voi (which means you are supposed to spend Christmas with your family and Easter with whoever you like) illustrates in the best way the its character in Bel Paese.

Easter in Italy
Pasqua con chi vuoi 🙂

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Risotto with chicken

For me risotto with chicken is the synonym of comfort food. I’m not sure if it is because of white wine or sweet carrots, but always when I prepare it, and then eat it, I’m in a good mood and I feel happy. It’s one of many recipes I found in the Encyclopedia of Italian Cuisine published in 2004 (in Polish) that I occasionally use when I want to prepare something new. The name of this risotto is risotto alla sbirraglia, and it has been the origin of northern Italy since the 19th century. During this period this part of Italy was occupied by Austrian soldiers, called by the Italians: sbirri, which means cops. I adjusted the recipe a bit, according to my preferences.

Risotto with chicken, Italian cuisine recepies
risotto with chicken

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Saturday night fever

It’s Saturday evening. The Sun is getting down behind the Alps, shops are closing, in the city center the number of cars is increasing from minute to minute and finding a free parking space ir becomes a real mission impossible. Saturday night fever starts officially… Turin’s citizens, regardless the age and wallet condition, are going out to meet with friends or simply to eat out.

La Mole Antoneliana, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
a famous La Mole, the symbol of Turin

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Spaghetti with spinach

The need, or better empty fridge, is a mother of invention. I create my best recipies when I have almost nothing at hand. It was how I cooked for the first time this pasta. Spaghetti with olive oil and spinach is a very simple and fast to prepare dish. You can add chilli if you like spicy food, or not.

spaghetti with spinach
spaghetti with spinach

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