Demarie – treasures of Roero

It’s Thursday afternoon. Heavy, dark clouds are gathering in the sky and a sound of rumble announces coming thunder. This day I have an appointment in Demarie Giovanni vineyard in the Roero area, on the left bank of the Tanaro river bordering with the Langhe in Piedmont. In Alba I meet with Giulia Breveglieri from Well Com company who arranged my tour and accompanies me to Vezza d’Alba. While we are driving suddenly a cloudburst gets us on the way and instantly the main streets turn into rapid creeks. Fortunately when we arrive to the place the weather changes dramatically and only cannon salvos that protects grapes against grade remind about thunderstorm only few minutes before overpowered Piedmont hills.

Demarie vineyard, Roero, Piedmont, Italy
a view from a modern building of Demarie Giovanni winery

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