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Shopping in Turin? Why not? Most of people prefer to fly to Milan, so maybe it’s worth to stand out and not only do some shopping but also visit beautiful baroque city on the map of northern Italy. I admit – I love shopping: looking for new clothes, shoes, jewellery and first of all bags, which are my weakness, especially Italian ones… and these one you will find plenty in Turin. That’s why I used to do shopping in Turin, discover new shops, walk in the city center, admire always beautifully decorated windows shop and enjoy atmosphere of the big Italian city. Doing shopping is always a big pleasure, but if we add to that unpretentious and elegant place, where everybody despite of annual income can do fantastic shopping we get a perfect match. So let’s go!

braccialini bags
one of my favourite handbags brand – Braccialini bags

The best place to do shopping is the heart of the city, and I really recommend to avoid big malls, which are many of course. But they are not new anymore and unfortunately sometimes toilets are not perfectly clean, plus in such big complex is impossible to get the atmosphere of the city. So I will guide you through the city center and we will do together shopping in a traditional way.

shopping in Turin, men accessories
in Turin you will find a lot of clothes and accessories for men

Our trip starts (but can also finish here) in Garibaldi street. It’s a very pleasant place to walk as it’s only pedestrian. Shops, some of them big chains like Promod are mixed with perfumery shops – some small, traditional one, but also classic  Yves Rocher or Sephora. There are also gelaterie (one of them is famous and loved in Italy Grom chain) and if you get hungry you can stop for some panino in a bar or stand by for an aperitivo.

via Garibaldi, Torino, Piedmont, Italy
via Garibaldi

Since few years via Garibaldi you can find shops 100% made in Chine. Usually I never did shopping there but once I took advantage of their wide, low quality and quite cheap assortment and I bought ecological fur. I have worn it twice. First in Venice as I bought it for the Carnival and it protected me against cold and rain (I was surprised it survived so many water it took that day in Venice and look perfectly after that trip), and for the second time I have worn it in Warsaw during Charity Ball. It was winter so I couldn’t wear for a such occasion a down jacket, and mu eco fur for 40 € with an elegant shawl it perfectly passed the exam.

Carnevale di venezia, Venice, Italy
me during the Carnivale di Venezia – it was raining all the time…

In Garibaldi street it’s also something interesting for football fans. As the official Juventus strore with gadgets and clothes is locate there.

Via Garibladi ends on Piazza Castello and from there we have only few steps to beautiful Galleria Subalpina. It looks very similar to famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan but is much smaller and it doesn’t host high fashion brands. You will find there antiques shops, coffee shop and restaurant Baratti &Milano. It’s worth to be seen as a architectonic pearl from 19th century.

Galleria Subaplina, Turin, Italy
Turin – an elegant Galleria Subalpina

Our next stop is via Roma. I love this street not only for its splendor, beautiful porticos that protects against rain and snow, but also diversity of available brands. You will find there both high fashion brands like Hermes, Gucci or Louis Vuitton and  some more accessible chains of Benetton or Motivi for example.

via Roma, Turin, Italy
an elegant via Roma

One on the biggest attraction are Nespresso and Apple Store. Honestly I can understand a crowd always present in place full of the newst model of iPhone or IPad, but I really don’t get attraction to coffee machines of one producer… In Nespresso store is always crowded, maybe somehow commercials with Goerge Clooney has made a difference or maybe is because Italians love so much coffee, I don’t know…

Via Roma is divided by my favourite square in turin – Piazza San Carlo. You will find there two beautiful and very traditional coffee shops: Caffe’ Torino and Pasticceria Stratta, I mentioned in my article Sweet Torino. And paralle streets to the square you can find sometimes a true small perls: delightful shops with vintage staff. It’s worth to have a look inside as there are full of good style and taste.

Turin, Piedmont, Italy
piazza San Carlo

If you continue the last part of via Roma and you turn left in via Cavour you will reach via Lagrange. It’s another paradise – or for others – place full of temptations… Despites boutiques of such famous brands like Chanel or Prada there are also some small nice shops with cloths and interesting jewellery sometimes hided in old gates. In via Lagrange there is also La Rinascente, Italian chain of department stores. Under one roof you can chose between clothes for men, women and kids, lingerie, cosmetics, accessories and on the last floor home accessories.

Chanel store, Turin, Italy
Chanel store in via Lagrange
shopping in Turin, Italy
one of nice shopps hidden in one of gates in via Lagrange

And here we finished our trip. All of you who has some energy left and accessible limit on a credit card should try some restaurants in the neighborhood. In via Langarne is restaurant of Eatly chain, but what I recommend is nicely designed One Apple Concept Bar & Restaurant in Via Annibale Lovera di Maria, 1. It’s interesting place both for a date and to meet friends. Very good sushi! Another fantastic place, perfect for lunch or aperitivo is Costadoro Coffee Lab Diamante in Via Teofilo Rossi, 2. It’s located on opposite to La Rinascete and it’s characteristic by the glass roof, that’s why it’s perfect also when the weather is bad. It’s a really charming place.

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  1. Torino was a real surprise for me. It is really different from the main tourist cities: seemed more authentic. And the architecture is amazing as well as the food (and I loved Bicerin)…

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