oC(c)oupation of Turin

4 days, 145 of Fiat Coupe’, 267 participants from 13 countries, 1 broken radiator, 1 fixed gear shift, 5 less and more crashed cars and a lot of positive energy. It’s how I would describe in a few words the gathering of Fiat Coupe’ lovers in occasion of 20th anniversary of this model hosted in the capital of Piedmont on May 30th-June 2nd.

20th anniverasry of Fiat Coupe', Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Fiat Coupe’ in Lingotto

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Fiat Coupe Club Poland visits Chris Bangle

Acceleration pressing you back into the seat, timeless sports design, limited production (72 762 pieces) – no wonder Fiat Coupe has fans around the world and it’s treated by an owner with unction. I saw it with my own eyes when a group of fifteen Fiat Coupe Club Poland members was visiting Piedmont. They came with families (the youngest participant is 4 month old only and he travelled by car for a significant part of the travel) not only to spend an interesting holiday, but also to meet their idol, a car designer Chris Bangle.

A classic model of Fiat Coupe
a classic model of Fiat Coupe

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