Shopping in Turin

Shopping in Turin? Why not? Most of people prefer to fly to Milan, so maybe it’s worth to stand out and not only do some shopping but also visit beautiful baroque city on the map of northern Italy. I admit – I love shopping: looking for new clothes, shoes, jewellery and first of all bags, which are my weakness, especially Italian ones… and these one you will find plenty in Turin. That’s why I used to do shopping in Turin, discover new shops, walk in the city center, admire always beautifully decorated windows shop and enjoy atmosphere of the big Italian city. Doing shopping is always a big pleasure, but if we add to that unpretentious and elegant place, where everybody despite of annual income can do fantastic shopping we get a perfect match. So let’s go!

braccialini bags
one of my favourite handbags brand – Braccialini bags

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A spring walk in January

Torino. The city that knows how to surprise. Once it charms with its elegance, spoil with chocolate sweets, gives a lot of emotions during the Juve match, invites for outdoor night parties, whereas another time it irritates by chaos on the streets and a complete lack of parking spaces. But while on one Saturday of January I was walking in the city center bathed in the sunlight, I need to admit Torino won my heart. A light warm wind, the streets full of people, a big queues outside gelaterie, street artists and a flea market that always drives my attention… Let’s have a virtual walk on central streets and squares of the capital of Piedmont.

Turin, Piedmont, Italy
piazza Castello
Turin, Piedmont, Italy
piazza Carignano

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oC(c)oupation of Turin

4 days, 145 of Fiat Coupe’, 267 participants from 13 countries, 1 broken radiator, 1 fixed gear shift, 5 less and more crashed cars and a lot of positive energy. It’s how I would describe in a few words the gathering of Fiat Coupe’ lovers in occasion of 20th anniversary of this model hosted in the capital of Piedmont on May 30th-June 2nd.

20th anniverasry of Fiat Coupe', Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Fiat Coupe’ in Lingotto

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Sweet Torino

Turin – a city of art, sport and business, but also a real kingdom of sweets. Whenever I walk through the main squares and streets I can’t keep my eyes off beautifully decorated windows of confectionary shops and while drinking cappuccino in one of 19th century traditionally furnished coffee shops I can smell the atmosphere of old Torino.

Pasticceria Stratta, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
sweet beauties

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CioccolaTo’ – chocolate feast in Turin

Have you ever thought how many shapes and colors can take chocolate? Actually you would be surprised that so many. I saw it for me own eyes during chocolate CioccolaTo’ festival in Turin. From November 22nd to December 1st the capital of Piedmont transformed into a real kingdom of sweets inciting appetite of children and adults. The hart of the event was located in San Carlo square – a spacious arcaded piazza, with beautiful palaces around. In 17th century it hosted artisans shops and today it attracts with old cafe’s and bars, nicely decorated confectionary windows and different events.

Piazza San Carlo, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
piazza San Carlo during CioccolaTo’

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The White Dinner

The White Dinner? Why not! On 22nd of June in Turin (the place is still a secret) will be organized an unconventional dinner where the white color will be the key. Everybody is invited. The only requirement is the white: clothes, elegant tableware (plastic is forbidden), chairs and table brought from home and preferably a meal, of course.

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Andrea De Carlo at Salone del Libro

Andrea De Carlo – a famous Italian writer, the author of many books translated into different languages. In my adventure with Italian literature he has been accompanying me for already over ten years. Since I have learnt italiano well enough to read novels his books started to accumulate in my private library. But I never managed to meet him personally, till one Sunday few weeks ago.

Andrea De Carlo
Andrea De Carlo

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