Fiat Coupe Club Poland visits Chris Bangle

Acceleration pressing you back into the seat, timeless sports design, limited production (72 762 pieces) – no wonder Fiat Coupe has fans around the world and it’s treated by an owner with unction. I saw it with my own eyes when a group of fifteen Fiat Coupe Club Poland members was visiting Piedmont. They came with families (the youngest participant is 4 month old only and he travelled by car for a significant part of the travel) not only to spend an interesting holiday, but also to meet their idol, a car designer Chris Bangle.

A classic model of Fiat Coupe
a classic model of Fiat Coupe

Mikołaj, the originator and the organizer of the expedition, contacted me before their arrival to Italy. When I heard that a group of motorization lovers wanted to visit my region I couldn’t wait for the meeting with them. However I didn’t expect that I will have spend unplanned but so amazing holidays and I will have met so fascinating people. During one week we visited interesting museums and vineyards in Langhe, we went to the cozy Portofino and the charming Camogli, a part of group spent one day in Monte Carlo and they made the round in the F1 Grand Prix Pit Lane, four speed lovers travelled to Maranello and till today they dream about a rid in wonderful Ferrari and Lamborghini, but for everybody the meeting with Chris Bangle was the most exciting event.

Fiat Coupe, Piedmont, Italy
clean Fiat Coupe ready for the meeting with the designer

We visited him in his beautifully situated house with a nice view on surrounding vineyards and Alps in the background. It’s where he lives, co-works together with young designers and at the same time refurbishing the house, studio and garden according to amazing ideas. We reached his place travelling with a quite long tail of cars, including four beautiful and clean (guys cleaned their vehicles only few hours before the visit) Fiats Coupe. Chris Bangle, a charismatic personality, leader and visionary, was telling us about his career, projects, he was drawing sketches showing the beginning of Fiat Coupe, signed autographs on photos, car interior slats and precisely handmade car models. He showed us also a wooden prototype of Fiat Coupe headlamps on which we  proudly put our signatures. He was happy to receive nice gifts like t-shirts, the calendar of the club, handmade Fiat coupe model, but what he liked the best  was the tank cap.

A sketch of Chris Bangle
a designer during the process of creation…
A wooden prototype of Fiat Coupe headlamp
a wooden prototype of Fiat Coupe headlamp

During the three hours visit we were hosted by his wife, as well as his coworkers, we tasted regional cheeses, sausages, typical Piedmont sweets like hazelnuts cake (torta delle nocciole) accompanied by two different Dolcetto wines offered by Giovanni Bracco (the president of Cantina Clavesana) and Marco Bealessio (agronomist of this huge cooperative winery). Briefly speaking we felt pampered, pleased and we left happy and full of great memories. Besides, I noticed that the possibility to meet fans of Fiat Coupe (Chris Bangle designed its body) was for him an extraordinary experience, too, especially that a team from Poland was the first one to organize such visit.

the Fiat Coupe tank cap
the Fiat Coupe tank cap – it was the gift a designer liked the best

Guys, once more bravo for the idea, initiative and great passion! To get more info about Chris Bangle follow this link:


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