Bird’s eye view of La Morra

Just after the sunrise Piedmont looks amazing, especially on sunny day. The sun looks over waving hills, the rest of fog disperses light softly. Let’s have a look this time on the video made by dron in La Morra.

Walking in the snow

In Piedmont once we have spring time in the middle of winter, and sometimes we are overtaken by intensive snow falling on the edge of spring…. The weather is sometimes like a woman – variable and full of surprises. 🙂 And even though I’m not the fan of snow (maybe because I don’t practice winter sports which would compensate difficulties on the roads), I must admit I was charmed by white Langhe hills, grapevines hidden under a light duvet, crystals sparkling in the sun light… Usually views you can enjoy in the Langhe and Roero are breathtaking, but the landscape in white scenery, with fluffy curves of hills with spread over little towns and castles looked really fabulous…

Castello della Volta, Barolo, Piedmont, Italy
picroresque and sad (because it’s ruined) the castle della Volta

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Langhe in autumnal dress

Autumn. Weather not always spoils us, even in sunny Italy. But only few beautiful days are enough to compensate a gloomy period of the year and to feel summer for a moment. Taking advantage of harvest time and I made a tour around the Langhe. I was watching grapevine under every possible corner, in any possible composition, from the distance and from close-up, I was filling my eyes with stunning views admiring an incredible landscape of castles and little towns spread over the hills.

Langhe hills, Piedmont, Italy
colorful combs of a grapevine – Diano d’Alba area

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Langhe in summer scenery

The Langhe is flourishing and glowing with colors.Wherever you look you will see waving hills covered by green coat of maturing grapes and old towns decorated with flower pots. The sun is beating down heating the temperature till 37 Celsius degrees and cicadas’ songs are carried by the hot air. Hotels, restaurants, squares are crowded by tourists, vineyards attract wine lovers and towns and cities organize concerts, music festivals and numerous barbeques encouraging – both townspeople and visitors –  to spend evenings under the sky. Below you will find some pictures I have taken some time ago during my escapades in southern Piedmont.

Langhe hills, Piedmont, Italy
green Langhe hills and Castello della Volta

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Springtime in the Langhe

After a rainy and cold spring, finally sunny weather arrived. In one beautiful day when the air was clear and the sky perfectly blue I took my camera and went for a tour in Langhe area. I wanted to immortalize fantastic pictures that were at my fingertips. And here you can see the result of my short expedition.

Castello della Volta, Barolo, Piedmont, Italy
the castle della Volta from vineyards perspective

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Langhe under the snow

Snowing in Piedmont is not unusual phenomenon, but it never makes me happy. Few weeks ago after an intensive downfall I took a short tour in Alba area and landscape emerging from a white cover was amazing! Let’s have a look at pictures below. First Barolo and its castles: Castello Falletti di Barolo and Castello della Volta (unfortunately ruined).

Castello Falletti di Barolo, Piedmont, Italy
Castello Falletti di Barolo

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