Easter in Italy

How is it with Easter in Italy? In theory it’s a very important holiday, but  in reality it is not so much celebrated anymore. In my opinion Italian saying: Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi voi (which means you are supposed to spend Christmas with your family and Easter with whoever you like) illustrates in the best way the its character in Bel Paese.

Easter in Italy
Pasqua con chi vuoi 🙂

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Saturday night fever

It’s Saturday evening. The Sun is getting down behind the Alps, shops are closing, in the city center the number of cars is increasing from minute to minute and finding a free parking space ir becomes a real mission impossible. Saturday night fever starts officially… Turin’s citizens, regardless the age and wallet condition, are going out to meet with friends or simply to eat out.

La Mole Antoneliana, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
a famous La Mole, the symbol of Turin

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La dolce vita made in Italy

Browsing recently my photos (and there are quite a few ) I realized of the strength of Italian design and creativity. This inspired me to write an article about Italian lifestyle, which attracts so many people from all over the world. Tourists immediately fall in love with cuisine, breathtaking landscapes and always cheerful inhabitants of the Apennine peninsula.

Ferrari in the Langhe, Piedmont, Italy
a perfect combination: beautiful car and an amazing view…

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