Shopping in Turin

Shopping in Turin? Why not? Most of people prefer to fly to Milan, so maybe it’s worth to stand out and not only do some shopping but also visit beautiful baroque city on the map of northern Italy. I admit – I love shopping: looking for new clothes, shoes, jewellery and first of all bags, which are my weakness, especially Italian ones… and these one you will find plenty in Turin. That’s why I used to do shopping in Turin, discover new shops, walk in the city center, admire always beautifully decorated windows shop and enjoy atmosphere of the big Italian city. Doing shopping is always a big pleasure, but if we add to that unpretentious and elegant place, where everybody despite of annual income can do fantastic shopping we get a perfect match. So let’s go!

braccialini bags
one of my favourite handbags brand – Braccialini bags

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Saturday night fever

It’s Saturday evening. The Sun is getting down behind the Alps, shops are closing, in the city center the number of cars is increasing from minute to minute and finding a free parking space ir becomes a real mission impossible. Saturday night fever starts officially… Turin’s citizens, regardless the age and wallet condition, are going out to meet with friends or simply to eat out.

La Mole Antoneliana, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
a famous La Mole, the symbol of Turin

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Corkscrew as a star

I was writing several times about Piedmont wines, smaller and bigger wineries in the Langhe and Roero, however, this time I will concentrate on corkscrew. You may think – a kitchen utensil like many others, what is to write about? Well, let’s just have a look…

Museum of Corkscrews in Barolo, Piedmont, Italy
colorful, optimistic, a real pieves of art…

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The temple of cinema in the Mole Antonelliana

Cinema – a word of illusion, incredible stores, but also a cruel show business reality. Watching a good movie I indentify myself with main characters, sometimes I miss their adventures, however for what I appreciate a good movie is possibility to forget about the reality. When lights start to illuminate a cinema hall and a caption appears I feel like awake from a dream and only then I start to come back slowy to the presence, still analyzing in my head the end and the plot.

La Mole Antonelliana, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Mole Antolnelliana – the symbol of Turin
Turin, Piedmont, Italy
outside the Museum of Cinema in Turin

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A spring walk in January

Torino. The city that knows how to surprise. Once it charms with its elegance, spoil with chocolate sweets, gives a lot of emotions during the Juve match, invites for outdoor night parties, whereas another time it irritates by chaos on the streets and a complete lack of parking spaces. But while on one Saturday of January I was walking in the city center bathed in the sunlight, I need to admit Torino won my heart. A light warm wind, the streets full of people, a big queues outside gelaterie, street artists and a flea market that always drives my attention… Let’s have a virtual walk on central streets and squares of the capital of Piedmont.

Turin, Piedmont, Italy
piazza Castello
Turin, Piedmont, Italy
piazza Carignano

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Mondovi’ – between Liguria and Piedmont

Art, culture, charming Old Town, cosy restaurants and wherever you look wonderful views. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of colorful buildings, faded frescoes decorating buildings, flowers in windows or maybe numerous little shops full of regional products and lovely smelling sweets, but the true is I fell in love in Mondovi’ at first sight.

Mondovi', Piedmont, Italy
San Pietro e Paolo church from 15th century

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Hot, very hot. Thirty Celsius degree, burning sun and only light breeze gives some relief from merciless heat. The summertime have stayed for good in the Langhe. Maturing grapes, flourishing pots, waving green hills, tourists drinking slowly wines in local wineries and central Alba’s squares that invites you to dance in hot evenings. Living here you cannot resist the atmosphere of holidays and fall in love again and again with surrounding landscapes, friendly people, tiny towns and amazing food. Anyway, let’s have a look on some of my fotos from Neive and Barbaresco.

Barbaresco, Piedmont, Italy
Barbaresco – the main street

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