Stone terraces in Quincinetto

Recently I went for a short trip to Aosta city, the capital of Aosta Valley region. Driving on motorway from Turin, a few kilometers away from Ivrea, but still in Piedmont, my attention was attracted by an extraordinary landscape, recalling more Irland than Italy: I saw juicy green of grass interspersed with stone parapets. The landscape was completed by gray pillars here and there and mountains in the background. This kind of terraces are used for grapevines, fruit trees cultivation, but also as pastures.

Quincinetto, Piedmont, Italy
stone pillars

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North – South

In the north of Piedmont the landscape is delimited by white picks of Alps, the moraine hills variegated by water mirrors. Whereas the south is characteristic by romantic heights that slowly transform into mountains creating a natural border with Liguria and jealously protecting access to the sea. Piedmont is admired by remarkable and diverse landscape and in autumn colorful leaves, vineyards, old castle look amazingly against a background of blue sky. Actually, you can see for yourself! Let’s have a look on the photos below, starting from the north – Canavese region.

 castello di Mazze’ on Candia lake (Canavese region), north of Piedmont
castello di Mazze’ on Candia lake (Canavese region), north of Piedmont

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