Ivrea and the orange carnival

Ivrea – a small town in Piedmont, in the past the most import computing center in Italy, today it is looking for an idea to restore prosperity. Usually quite, rather sleepy place, explodes with emotions during the last days of carnival. Every year from Sunday to Fat Tuesday an unique battle of the oranges (battaglia delle arance) takes place.

Ivrea, Piedmont, Italy, the battle of the oranges
the battle of the oranges

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The Carnival of Ivrea

Yesterday I went to Ivrea to see an amazing Battle of the oranges and a colorful parade – the most attractive part of the Carnival of Ivrea (Storico Carnevale di Ivrea). This unique event will take place till the “Fat Tuesday”. And soon you will find on my blog a review and its history! Below some of pictures for a good start.

Ivrea, Piedmont, Italy, battle of the oranges
battle of the oranges

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