Hot, very hot. Thirty Celsius degree, burning sun and only light breeze gives some relief from merciless heat. The summertime have stayed for good in the Langhe. Maturing grapes, flourishing pots, waving green hills, tourists drinking slowly wines in local wineries and central Alba’s squares that invites you to dance in hot evenings. Living here you cannot resist the atmosphere of holidays and fall in love again and again with surrounding landscapes, friendly people, tiny towns and amazing food. Anyway, let’s have a look on some of my fotos from Neive and Barbaresco.

Barbaresco, Piedmont, Italy
Barbaresco – the main street

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Neive – as beautiful as a picture

Neive is 4,5 km far from Barbaresco and to reach it you basically need to go downhill and then to go uphill. Although it doesn’t have such marketing name like Barbaresco, or Barolo town, it’s also a popular tourist destination in Langhe region. Even in the middle of a hot day I met people taking photos, eating lunch in cozy restaurants. I noticed even drawing course students capturing this lovely Italian spot.

Neive, Piedmont, Italy
Neive – Capella San Rocco

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