The harvest time is coming

From the next weekend the busiest time of the year in Langhe and Roero vineyards is going to start. The grape harvest (la vendemmia) is just around the corner. This summer, except a couple of rainy days, the weather has been cooperating and nobody could complain about lack of sun. Therefore the harvesting period this year is a little bit earlier than usually.

Barbaresco vineyards, Piedmont, Italy
Barbaresco vineyards view

Certainly it’s a perfect occasion for looking closely on winemaker work and participate in September events, at least in some of them.

And here you have few examples for the next weeks:

  • September 16th, Mercato dell’Antiquariato e del Collezionismo will be held in Cherasco. On Sunday more than 500 benches with old books, stamps, Vintage furniture and potteries are expected, which makes it a real treat for antiques collectors.
  • September 23rd in Bra (the capital of Roero) during the event Aspettando Cheese everybody will be able to take part in cheese taste experience. Cheese – international fairs, organized by Slow Food and held every second year (uneven-numbered) in the third weekend in September. Even if we have to wait one year for these fairs, still you will not miss opportunity to taste all local specialties. On Sunday from 10.00 AM till 8.00 PM it will be a perfect occasion to get more information and taste Piedmont cheeses, salsiccia (sausage) and bread made in Bra, which combined with lettuce (cultivated in Bra, as well) create a sandwich Mac ’d BRA (in Piedmontese it means “exclusively from Bra”)…
  • September 30th, Festa del Vino, in the center of Alba. During the wine festival, between 2.00 PM and 8.00 PM, more than 700 etiquettes from Langhe and Roero will be available for wine lovers.

To put you already in the harvest atmosphere, I’ve taken some pictures of Barbaresco area.

Barbaresco viveyard, Piedmont, Italy
a rose bush in a vineyard
the Nebbiolo grapevines, Piedmont, Italy
the Nebbiolo grapevines
the Nebbiolo grapes, Italy
the Nebbiolo grapes
vineyards in Barbaresco, Piedmont, Italy
vineyards in Barbaresco

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