Steak with gorgonzola cheese

This time something tasty for meat-eaters, lovers of fast, tasty and very simple to prepare sirloin. In this dish the key is a nice piece of meat, the rest is a piece of cake… 🙂

Sirloin steak in blue sauce

Serves: 4

steak with gorgonzola cheese
Sirloin in blue sauce


400 – 500 g of sirloin steak

200 g of gorgonzola cheese

1 big broccoli

1 butter tablespoon


Served with: well structured red wine (like Barbaresco)

Preparation method

First cut broccoli into florets and then start to steam-cook them for about 7 minutes. Chop cheese and melt it into a small container. On a large fry pan melt butter and fry steaks till are cooked according to your preferences. At the end add some salt on meat (not before frying!). While everything is ready and put them on plate and decorate with melted gorgonzola sauce. Enjoy your fast and tasty meal!

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