In a sleepy Novello

Novello is another tiny town on a map of south Piedmont. Situated on a hill (471 mamsl) offers stunning views. Townspeople live here mainly from wine production, like in case of the next-door Barolo residents.

Novello, Piedmont, Italy
Welcome to Novello!

Novello, Piedmont, Italy
in the Langhe wine shops are everywhere

I reached Novello in one sunny afternoon searching for an interesting spot to take some pictures. I’m not sure if it was matter of a lunch time or it’s always such a quiet and peaceful place, but I had impression the town fell asleep. Wandering down the main street I met only few people and only bars and small restaurants attracted some clients.

Novello, Piedmont, Italy
Novello – downtown

Thanks to its geographical position I had an impression to be on a huge terrace with a amazing view – from east on vineyards and other picturesque towns, from west on sparking in the sun the Tanaro river snaking on a huge plain.

The Langhe area panorama, Piedmont, Italy
a nice house, but the view is even nicer
The Langhe area, Piedmont, Italy
a view on the plain and the Tanaro river

After a few steps I reached the castle – Castello di Novello. This neo gothic building was finished in 1880. It was designed by the local architect Giovanni Battista Schellino in cooperation with P. Palagi and E. Melano. The building arouse on the rests of Medieval castle and now is used as a three-stars hotel ( I was delighted by the monumental and richly decorated staircase, round towers and surrounding verdure blends perfectly into the landscape.

Castello di Novello, Piedmont, Italy
castello di Novello – a three-stars hotel
Castello di Novello, Piedmont, Italy
a beautiful staircase
Castello di Novello, Piedmont, Italy
as you can see I wasn’t the only person delighted by the landscape

I came back to the car hiding in a shadow of old houses, passing by microscopic, smelling lavender gardens and I was accompanied rather by lizards than people.


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