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It’s Thursday afternoon. Heavy, dark clouds are gathering in the sky and a sound of rumble announces coming thunder. This day I have an appointment in Demarie Giovanni vineyard in the Roero area, on the left bank of the Tanaro river bordering with the Langhe in Piedmont. In Alba I meet with Giulia Breveglieri from Well Com company who arranged my tour and accompanies me to Vezza d’Alba. While we are driving suddenly a cloudburst gets us on the way and instantly the main streets turn into rapid creeks. Fortunately when we arrive to the place the weather changes dramatically and only cannon salvos that protects grapes against grade remind about thunderstorm only few minutes before overpowered Piedmont hills.

Demarie vineyard, Roero, Piedmont, Italy
a view from a modern building of Demarie Giovanni winery

Demarie vineyard, Roero, Piedmont, Italy
Demarie Gionavvi wines

In Demarie Giovanni vineyard we are welcome by Monica Bizzini. Together with her husband – Paolo Demarie – they continue three-generations family tradition of making wine. Winery is situated in a modern, windowed building, surrounded by curved hills of grapevine. The tour we start from vinification room. The owners decided to continue a traditional method of maceration of submerged cap (cappello sommerso) in controlled temperature. Looking at high, inox tanks I’m listening Paolo that with enthusiasm is talking about ecological projects already implemented or still in planning stage. Solar panels, biomass stove, special filters that enable to reuse the same water for cleaning winery rooms – everything to minimize impact on the environment during wine making process. Even fancy floor in barricaia (special room dedicated to keeping barrels) has double functionality. Despite having original look gained thanks to combine two different materials: concrete boards and white stones, it keeps good humidity level in a natural way.

Demarie vineyard, Roero, Piedmont, Italy
inox tanks
Demarie vineyard, Roero, Piedmont, Italy
barricaia – a room dedicated to keeping barrels

In Demarie Giovanni vineyard despite endemic wines like Roero Arneis DOCG (white wine made of Arneis grape) awarded of Bronze Medal by Decanter for 2013 vintage and  Roero Riserva DOCG, the winner of Bronze Medal by Decanter for 2019 vintage, the owners produce typical for the Langhe area liquors – Barolo DOCG made of grapes cultivated on rented parcel in La Morra commune and Barbaresco DOCG. In the portfolio of the company such popular and valued Piedmont’s wines like Barbera d’Alba (amazing! with plum, blackberry and cherry flavor), Langhe Dolcetto, Nebbiolo d’Alba or refreshing Moscato d’Asti are available as well. However two sparkling wines: an extraordinary “For You” Roero Arneis DOCG Spumante and Birbet caught my attention. The first one is produced in a traditional method (metodo classico) and the second one (sweet, red comrade of desserts) is obtained from Brachetto variety, a grape that used to disappear between 19th and 20th century and only in 90ties gained a big popularity.

Demarie vineyard, Roero, Piedmont, Italy
Demarie Giovanni wines

Excellent wines always taste amazing in a good company and even better in a nice and interestingly furnished place with a charming view on a green hill. Sitting behind long, beautiful wooden table I was listening about the owners ambitious plans, their dreams, innovative ideas to make the vineyard not only place dedicated to wine business but also as a space for events, meetings, workshops not necessarily related to wines.

Demarie vineyard, Roero, Piedmont, Italy
one of a room dedicated to tastings, workshops, special events

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