Cherasco market

Sometimes I’m wondering about the phenomenon of little towns in Langhe and Roero. Each of them, more or less popular, manages to organize a nice event practically from nothing, often even finding the reason to encourage the citizens to go out or attract tourists visiting surroundings. One of many events in Cherasco can be a good example: Mercato dei prodotti alimentari and Mercato del cioccolato d’autore.

the tower – torre civica

On Sunday November 11th this little town was hosting local food and sweets producers. About 200 stands with ecological vegetables (pumpkins in different shapes, walnuts, edible chestnuts), cheeses, spices, handmade chocolates were set up in the city of the town, on two main streets – via Vittorio Emanuele II and via Cavour. And I’m not sure it it was a matter of beautiful weather, or maybe Italian tradition of meetings on piazza, but the market attracted a lot of local people.

stands with food

Cherasco is situated 5 km from Bra, 21 km from Alba and it’s famous for gastropods (in September the special event: Incontro Internazionale di Elicicoltura takes place) and thematic markets like for example – Grande Mercato dell’Antiquariato e Collezionismo, which is a real treat for antiques collectors. The complete list of available events can be found on: (webpage in Italian).

mini concert on the main square

Cherasco specialities (despite gastropodus) are Baci di Cherasco. For the first time I tasted them during il Salone del Gusto and I liked them very much. The original recipes was invented by the confectionary shop Pasticceria Barbero, which is worth to be visited not only because of really tasty sweets, but also old-fashioned, traditional interior design.

shop window of Pasticeria Barbero
Baci di Cherasco

Cherasco is characterized by Baroque architecture, known as barocco piemontese – spacious streets, a pedestrian passages under the arcades, richly decorated buildings, like Arco Trionfale (Arch of the Triumph), known also as Arco del Belvedere, designed by architecture Giovenale Boetto and finished in 1688. On the opposite, on the south part of the old town, was built another arch: Arco di Porta Narzole, which unfortunately remained unfinished.

Arco di Belvedere
Arco di Porta Narzole

A walk through the center takes only few minutes and even though for the average tourist Cherasco is not on top of the priority list of places to be seen in Piedmont, but still it can be interesting for all antiques and Baroque architecture lovers.

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