Cavaliere from La Morra

After my visit in Elio Altare vineyard I was curious how traditional winery can look like in our time. So I visited Lorenzo Accomasso. He lives and works not far from Elio Altare and his family. In the Langhe he is a legend, honored by cavaliere title by the president of the Italian Republic for his merits in the Langhe wine culture. In the 70s he has already implemented the method of heavy pruning of grapevine gaining in this way a better quality of harvest, what’s more for more than 20 years he was the president of the Regional Enoteca in La Morra. He works with his sister and they cultivate 3 ha of land, take care of both vinification and selling process. Lorenzo Accomasso is a good example of an old generation – he lives lives in a modest and simple way. From time to time he is visited by wine lovers, professionals and distributors even from Asia. It turns out his wines are much more popular in distant Japan, then in shops and restaurants in Piedmont region…

Barolo of Lorenzo Accomasso, Piedmont, Italy
Barolo Riserva Rocche 2006 and Barolo Riserva Vigneto Rocchette 2006

Lorenzo Accomasso is willing to tell me about his youth. During our conversation he mentioned about his beloved, as well as he shared some local gossips. Some people say he has never been in the capital of Langhe (which is obviously untrue), what’s more, he perfectly knows what happens in the neighborhood and even in a private life of one of restaurant owners from Alba… The cavaliere is a happy person and willing to chat. He spends his time in the vineyard, in the cellar where, as his father thought him, his wines are fermenting in a low temperature (18°C) for 20-25 days. And even though he is not young anymore he doesn’t rest on his laurels working hard, taking care of his winery and meets with people at home. The winemaker has never participated in wine fairs and he has never organized wine tastings, but still his Barolo has loyal customers and it’s very much appreciated. Lorenzo Accomasso is happy about his life and choices he made. At the end he dedicated his entire time and energy for his passion. Passion for wine. And as a result we can drink his great and interesting wine, in each bottle we can find a piece of his soul and his history. And it works in case of most winemakers in the Langhe area, independently form the technique used in wine making process…

Barolo of Lorenzo Accomasso, Piedmont, Italy
Barolo from 1958 – the first vintage

Below you will find a movie of Mauro Fermariello, where Lorenzo Accomasso tells about his 65 vintages – in Italian.

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  1. Whatever happened to Giovanni Accomasso? I sold his wines many years ago and they were fantastic. I’m assuming Lorenzo is his son. Is this the family, and I’m certain it is, who, vineyard is located in


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