CioccolaTo’ – chocolate feast in Turin

Have you ever thought how many shapes and colors can take chocolate? Actually you would be surprised that so many. I saw it for me own eyes during chocolate CioccolaTo’ festival in Turin. From November 22nd to December 1st the capital of Piedmont transformed into a real kingdom of sweets inciting appetite of children and adults. The hart of the event was located in San Carlo square – a spacious arcaded piazza, with beautiful palaces around. In 17th century it hosted artisans shops and today it attracts with old cafe’s and bars, nicely decorated confectionary windows and different events.

Piazza San Carlo, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
piazza San Carlo during CioccolaTo’

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The White Dinner

The White Dinner? Why not! On 22nd of June in Turin (the place is still a secret) will be organized an unconventional dinner where the white color will be the key. Everybody is invited. The only requirement is the white: clothes, elegant tableware (plastic is forbidden), chairs and table brought from home and preferably a meal, of course.

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Forte di Fenestrelle

Imagine a wall long 3 km, snaking down from the altitude of 1800 m above the surface, situated in natural park, where whenever you look you will see mountains and valleys, juicy green of trees and if you are lucky even a predator circling on the sky. It’s how the biggest in Europe fortification – Forte di Fenestrelle (the Fort of Fenestrelle) – looks like. It’s located in a small town Fenestrelle, 74 km from Turin.

Forte di Fenestrelle, Piedmont, Italy
an entrance to the fort

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