Fancy some Cheese?

Every two years “Cheese” fair visits Bra (Piedmont) and it’s nothing but an amazing cheese feast accompanied by great wines, beers and music. This year the event, organized by Slow Food, took place during the weekend: September 20th – 23rd. As always fair was dedicated to a wide range of multinational handmade cheeses, produced according to traditional recipes.

Bra, Piedmont, Italy
corso Garibaldi during “Cheese” fair

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Waiting for truffle festival

The beginning of autumn is in my opinion the best time to visit Langhe and Roero area. Yellow, orange and red grapevine leaves are changing image of the landscape, the sun is shining, and warm air encourages for walks. In vineyards winemakers follow the weather forecast to take strategic decision whether start harvesting or wait a couple of days to let grapes maturing better. Wine lovers organize special tours in the harvest time to take part in each phase of works observing how heavy and swollen juicy fruits change into a precious liquor.

Langhe and Roero vineyards, Piedmont, Italy
colorful vineyards

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Andrea De Carlo at Salone del Libro

Andrea De Carlo – a famous Italian writer, the author of many books translated into different languages. In my adventure with Italian literature he has been accompanying me for already over ten years. Since I have learnt italiano well enough to read novels his books started to accumulate in my private library. But I never managed to meet him personally, till one Sunday few weeks ago.

Andrea De Carlo
Andrea De Carlo

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Vinum 2013 in Alba – a review

This year springtime in Piedmont doesn’t spoil us. Winemakers and citizens complain for heavy rains, the sky is rather grey then blue and only juicy green of grass, bushes and trees, twittering birds and lizards running on the buildings’ walls announce the springtime. Despite the bad weather also Alba was flourishing at the end of April. During a long weekend (April 27th – May 1st) the town was hosting the 37th edition of Vinum, the event dedicated to new vintages of Langhe and Roero wines.

Vinum 2013 in Alba town, Piedmont, Italy
Vinum 2013

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Fiat Coupe Club Poland visits Chris Bangle

Acceleration pressing you back into the seat, timeless sports design, limited production (72 762 pieces) – no wonder Fiat Coupe has fans around the world and it’s treated by an owner with unction. I saw it with my own eyes when a group of fifteen Fiat Coupe Club Poland members was visiting Piedmont. They came with families (the youngest participant is 4 month old only and he travelled by car for a significant part of the travel) not only to spend an interesting holiday, but also to meet their idol, a car designer Chris Bangle.

A classic model of Fiat Coupe
a classic model of Fiat Coupe

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Ivrea and the orange carnival

Ivrea – a small town in Piedmont, in the past the most import computing center in Italy, today it is looking for an idea to restore prosperity. Usually quite, rather sleepy place, explodes with emotions during the last days of carnival. Every year from Sunday to Fat Tuesday an unique battle of the oranges (battaglia delle arance) takes place.

Ivrea, Piedmont, Italy, the battle of the oranges
the battle of the oranges

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The Carnival of Ivrea

Yesterday I went to Ivrea to see an amazing Battle of the oranges and a colorful parade – the most attractive part of the Carnival of Ivrea (Storico Carnevale di Ivrea). This unique event will take place till the “Fat Tuesday”. And soon you will find on my blog a review and its history! Below some of pictures for a good start.

Ivrea, Piedmont, Italy, battle of the oranges
battle of the oranges

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